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We care about healthy air: this is what we promiss as Orange Climate. 

Orange Climate is the International organization that delivers sustainable climate systems and consists of three Dutch experts: OC Autarkis, OC Verhulst and OC Waterloo. Together we deliver the best posisble climate solution. 

Meet OC Autarkis: Phase Change Material solutions

OC Autarkis is the Dutch developer, producer and supplier of innovative solutions using Phase Change Materials (PCM's). The knowledge and experience the company has accumulated through the development, utilization and packaging of PCM materials has enabled us to develop a number of products for applications in buildings, installations, data centers and storage technology. Our products always take advantage of the PCM's thermal battery, in order to conserve energy and guarantee power. Learn more

Meet OC Verhulst: Air Handling Units for all segments 

OC Verhulst in Drunen develops, produces and imports innovative and sustainable systems and components for climate control. Industry, health-care and functional architecture are the main target markets. The people at OC Verhulst pride themselves on rising to this challenge for each and every order. As OC Verhulst possesses extensive in-house expertise, skills and experience in all the professional disciplines involved, the company adopts an integral approach to projects. OC Verhulst always looks for the optimum solution for the customer and for the environment from the perspectives of air and climate control technology, cooling technology and control and instrumentation engineering. Learn more about our Air Handling Units

Meet OC Waterloo: Grilles and Diffusers in all variations 

OC Waterloo is one of Europe's most respected producers of air terminal devices. Waterloo B.V. was founded in 1971 as the European factory for Waterloo Air Products plc. from the UK. In 2011, the shares of this company have been sold. Waterloo B.V. became part of ‘Orange Climate’, a group of factory’s who can supply everything needed for buildings when it comes to healthy air. Air handling units, ducting, fire dampers, plenum boxes, VAV’s, grills and diffusers and more.

Waterloo BV is still the official company name, registered by the Dutch government. Because we are part of Orange Climate we changed our trade name to “Orange Climate Waterloo” (OC Waterloo). More information about our products can be found on our products page

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