How to... Remedying faults in Carel

How to.. Remedying faults in the Carel control unit? Learn how to read and remidy faults in our Air Handling Units.

Is the air-handling unit not working correctly or causing unexpected noise? Check the control to rule out a fault. A red blinking light indicates a fault that must be remedied. Watch the instruction video to see which steps you must follow. 


If the air-conditioning unit is not working correctly or causing unexpected noise, check the control

If there is a fault, the red alarm button on the control lights up.

Press this button and you will receive further information about the malfunction. In the control manual you will find the information needed to read it correctly. Depending on the malfunction, you resolve it or contact the relevant supplier to resolve it.

Solve the reported fault.

Frequent faults concern the correct configuration of the heat pump, heat wheel or heating/cooling; contact the supplier.

Reset the control

To reset the control, press 3x on the alarm button. The alarm is correctly reset if the red alarm light stays off.

If the fault has not been remedied yet, call Orange Climate Verhulst.

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