Controlling the elements with a push on a button

Once upon a time, heat was accepted. Today, from “too hot” to “just right” to every aspect of the indoor climate, the HVAC installers make the living and working experience more pleasant to all.

Humankind has been attempting to control the elements of nature from the earliest of times. While outside climate control is pretty non-existent, inside homes and businesses it’s been great success. Through the push of a button, structures are made warmer or cooler, toxic fumes are ventilated away in industries, and high-rises have the same air quality on the 100th floor as on the first.

Climate control – the word used by most suppliers – is everywhere in modern society. While we place more and more people in huge buildings and fewer people know what nature looks like, a sophisticated climate is being created to make life inside concrete walls as comfortable as possible. Restaurants use cooled food storage rooms, churches believe in human comfort, supermarkets create climates that improve sales and data-center climate controlled area’s make sure we can all read our email’s and blogs and vlogs no matter how hot it is.

Interesting to know is that the first air conditioner wasn’t created for people’s comfort! The first modern air conditioner was invented in 1902 for a publishing company in Brooklyn. The machine kept temperature and humidity low so that paper didn’t expand and contract. The inventor never intended for his invention to be solely used for comfort!

Even though we may not think that air conditioning does more than keep us cool, many people agree that it has changed the way we live our lives forever. Not so long ago, most industry slowed or stopped in the summer before AC was invented. Workers were too slow because of the hot weather. More and more parts of the world work 24/7, year round because the climate inside is not a reason to take a break.

Because people live more and more inside, climate is not something you experience anymore, but more like something you control. There’s a lot that can be done to turn a cold rainy day into something that is pleasant. Climate control manages the way people experience their indoor lives.

Because you need gas for heating and energy for cooling and because sources are getting smaller and smaller, the search for alternative ways of cooling is getting in tenser by the month. The newest invention is PCM. A new invention were humans can control the process of water turning into ice. After years of trying, we now see the first usable, energy saving solutions at the market.

OC Autarkis is proud to announce the successfully tested solution with PCM climate ceilings. A combination of a beautiful designed ceiling and a comfortable climate. As a finishing touch we added an easy adjustable LED light system. CO2 sensors measure the climate in your room and automatically adjust the amount of light or air when needed. How does the climate control deck knows he has to change the office climate into your preferred standards? All credits for that part of the solution goes to the inventor of your smartphone, mr. Steve Jobs. 

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