Revolutionary dry principle for agriculture

Humidity is always a big issue in greenhouses. OC Agri has developed a new plug-and-play machine especially for this purpose: the DRY+
Geschreven door: Jeroen Verhagen

This new air handling unit ensures stable temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. Some technical data: no less than 0.18 kWh/l dehumidification at 18 ° C / 80% (in comparison: the most economical alternative on the market achieves 0.25 kWh/l). The unit has a 32 ampere connection (instead of the well-known 44 ampere that is currently used in the agricultural market and therefore results in higher energy consumption). And the unit has a compressor power of only 5 kW, but can provide 50 kW cooling and 45 kW heating. It is an optimal combination of compressor, condenser and evaporator, which reduces the refrigerant volume (<10 kg per circuit) and extends maintenance intervals. Double savings for the grower.

The DRY + provides a completely different view of the new cultivation. Where at the moment the windows and gas tap open to lower the moisture content, it is possible to grow completely closed thanks to the DRY+. With this unit, the climate in the greenhouse is protected by external influences and there is a minimum of energy loss. (Semi) closed greenhouses can easily be climated all-electric.

The DRY+ is complete, robust, fully plug-and-play and easy to install in both new and existing greenhouses. With the development of the revolutionary DRY+ drying unit, there is yet another proof that devising solutions together produces better results than producing standard products. OC Agri is a developer, producer and sales organization in one and can always provide an appropriate tailor-made solution with its partners at the price of a standard product (from a possible competitor).

We are currently looking for growers who are interested in an all-electric greenhouse. We are happy to help with a suitable, complete climate installation. A 20-40% reduction in energy costs is no exception, but rather the rule. We can use a dynamic simulation program for your specific situation to calculate the business case.

The DRY+ is particularly suitable for crops with high evaporation (such as tomatoes, bell peppers and cannabis). Are you the grower with these crops and do you want to switch to an energy efficient drying concept? Contact Jeroen Verhagen of OC Agri today.

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