How to.. Place and replace filters

Filters clean the air. But filters need to be clean as well. Learn how to place and replace the filters in our Air Handling Units.

Placing filters

The filters for the air-handling unit are supplied separately with the unit and must be placed on location. This can be done in two ways: using a clamp or a slide system. Placing the filter is explained in this instruction video.

Replacing used filters 

The maintenance instructions always state: "In the event of excessive construction dust, always use a construction filter to prevent overloading and damaging the filters and the unit" and "Regularly check the filter for contamination, corrosion and damage". This instruction video explains how you can replace a filter. 


Always be careful when replacing used filters. These are chemically contaminated objects: wear the correct protective equipment and discharge used filters as chemical waste. Have the hygienic condition inspected by experienced staff and use this moment to have the unit cleaned chemically. That way you ensure that hygiene remains optimal. 

Step by step instruction of replacing filters

Download als PDF

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