We deliver an optimal growth climate

An optimal growth climate, regardless of location and climatic conditions. Orange Climate Agri and KE-GrowAir deliver!

An optimal growth climate, regardless of location and climatic conditions. With GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri.

Anyone can make music, but you need to have your finger on various buttons to produce genuine hits. A good grower is like a good DJ: they know exactly which combination of substrate, starting materials, nutrients, light, air, humidity and CO2 produces the best results. A greenhouse can be set up anywhere in the world to create a protected climate. With LED lighting you can create 'daylight' 24/7, but many people forget about the changing influences from outside. A good mechanical ventilation and circulation system gives you, the grower, complete control over the interior climate to enable your crop to grow optimally.

Growers and greenhouse constructors forget that, these days, it is no longer necessary to make concessions in terms of an optimally homogeneous climate. If you opt for a good mechanical ventilation and circulation system straight away, no 'extra technologies or systems' are needed. The introduction of air is half the work. The good distribution of the air makes the difference. By looking at the desired climate, experts are able to offer the right customised solutions.

This also applies to GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri. Experts in air distribution and air treatment have combined their strengths and, in doing so, ensure an optimal climate all year round. Using the latest innovations, they also achieve substantial energy savings. The patented air distribution hoses from GrowAir consume 3-5% less energy than double hoses. The air handling unit with heat recovery (>90% efficiency) and CO2 retention also produces a substantial reduction in energy consumption.

Regardless of the production location (semi-closed, closed, glass, vertical farm without natural daylight or otherwise) and the physical location of the greenhouse (and the associated climatic conditions), the partnership between GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri provides the opportunity and knowledge to use every available button. And thus produce worldwide hits (meaning: improved crop results + energy savings).

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