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Striving toward the best conditions for ideal growth and production? Orange Climate has the perfect solution for growers.

Growers around the world are striving toward the best conditions for achieving ideal growth and production 365 days a year. This includes vertical solutions, as the world needs more production growth per square metre. Vertical farming is really taking off, and there are plenty of innovations, especially when it comes to lighting. Another important aspect here is the growth climate surrounding the plant. KE GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri have combined their expertise in this area in order to develop an ideal growth climate for vertical farming. Their product has been nominated for the Impact category of the GreenTech Innovation Awards, the winners of which will be announced at GreenTech (11 to 13 June).

KE GrowAir specialises in sustainable ventilation solutions for healthy indoor climates and energy savings using textile air distribution systems. Thanks to its patented discharge pattern, it achieves a uniform horizontal and vertical temperature gradient. These advantages and the expertise developed in the air distribution for the commercial construction sector are now being exploited in the horticultural sector, resulting in a more homogenous climate. It makes it easier to grow plants in closed, semi-closed and vertical systems.

Orange Climate has been supplying air handling units since the 1960s, and is the market leader in the Netherlands, trading as OC Verhulst. The company utilises its expertise to help growers, breeders and greenhouse builders achieve the indoor climate they require. Its air handling units are equipped with a wide variety of ventilation options (these could include cooling, heating, dehumidification, humidification or drying). The specific climate conditions are created in a sustainable, energy-efficient way. Some examples include heat recovery with more than 90% efficiency or active recirculation with CO2 retention. It results in stable temperatures and humidity levels that create ideal growing conditions. KE GrowAir’s air distribution systems are then used to distribute the conditioned air evenly.

Unbeatable combination

By uniting their areas of expertise, KE GrowAir and Orange Climate Agri’s solution guarantees growers the best growing conditions all year round, and frees them from local climatic and geological constraints. It’s an unbeatable combination that ensures optimal growth conditions and significantly better production 365 days a year.

Vertical farmers and other growers looking for the best growing climate, lower energy consumption, CO2 retention and the perfect growing conditions 365 days a year should visit stand 08.126 at GreenTech (RAI Amsterdam, 11 to 13 June). Registering a visit is free of charge until June 3: please use this link.

What is the VA Grow Vertical Farm? 

An ideal climate for vertical farms

The VA Grow Vertical Farm is composed of an air conditioning system from Orange Climate Agri and air distribution hoses from KE GrowAir. It combines the expertise of two major players in the commercial construction sector, who are now transforming their climate knowledge and experience into vertical farming innovations. With vertical farming, a lot of effort is put into creating innovations for LED lighting, whereas the climate is often neglected. The VA Grow Vertical Farm provides all the options you need for temperature, humidity level and ventilation. Conditioned air is then evenly distributed via the patented GrowAir hoses. The result is a constant climate close to the plant 24/7/365, regardless of the location and exterior climate conditions.

Thanks to lower energy and water consumption, merging the expertise of these two experts means a significant reduction in losses for the agricultural sector, especially when it comes to vertical farms. The system keeps the climate constant, resulting in the production of strong, healthy crops all year round.

The specific technical installation and corresponding hoses are studied and calculated for each project, allowing the desired climate to be created in every vertical farm. A tailor-made solution for the very best results. 

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