Climate solutions in the Agricultural sector

We deliver the perfect climate to greenhouses over the world. Starting with the experts in The Netherlands.

A short list of our Case Studies in the Netherlands

Van Paassen (NL), Climate solutions

Van Paassen in Andijk, the Netherlands, has a multi-layer, daylight-free cutting of chrysanthemums. OC Agri delivered a total climate solution for controlling and managing the (indoor) climate.

Our complete air handling solution delivers among others:

The OC Agri climate solution provides a saving of 40% cooling capacity and 50% on energy consumption.

Ruiter-Wever (NL), Climate solutions

Climate solutions for the indoor climate control of a tulip bulb and flower farm. The greenhouse is prepared to go to a three-layer cultivation in the future, the air handing units are prepared for this (modulair design and stackable in the future). The complete system is a combination of LED lighting, air handling, ductwork and air displacement hoses for a uniform air distribution through the crop. This enables Ruiter-Wever to grow the best possible tulips using the least possible amount of energy and to ensure quality and speed.

The goal of the customer was to make a better quality product with less energy input. We delivered: 

The OC Agri climate concept provides a saving of 40% in cooling capacity and 50% in heating capacity. 

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Van Paassen Chrysantemum Farm

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