Circulair air-handling unit renovation in Best

This old unit has been modified and expanded, resulting in substantial energy savings, including heat recovery.
Circulair renovation

A prominent technical supplier in Best has a large R&D and production location, where the designers of their new systems are already taking into account the eventual reuse of components in the future. This circular thinking is also applied when the location's air-handling unit is in need of replacement. OC Verhulst is therefore the best party to take on this circular challenge.

In collaboration with Kuijpers Installatietechniek, we have taken a critical look at the existing air-handling unit and installations, based on our expertise in circular design and production. It was decided to preserve the system completely, rather than replace it.

Initial challenges

With its modular construction, the old air-handling unit from OC Verhulst is ideally suited to being modified or made more sustainable. In the first instance, the question was whether a twin-coil element could be placed in the existing feeder unit (roughly 10 years old). This would be linked to a twin-coil element to be placed in the return channel. At the location itself, however, it seemed that the roof fan for the return air was quite close to the air-handling unit. This offered extra possibilities.

Heat wheel to be placed

Since twin-coil has a limited heat recovery efficiency, we came up with the idea of fitting a heat wheel. In order to do this, the unit needed a part through which the return air could pass. Based on this concept, we looked at the possibility of retaining as many parts of the existing unit as possible. The result is a new fresh-air intake and new EC fans with improved energy efficiency compared to the old belt-driven fans. Space was also created to fit a heat wheel in the existing air-handling unit. A return section equipped with filters and EC fans has been fitted on top of the existing return unit. Finally, the existing roof fan was disassembled and the duct is now directly connected to the air-handling unit.

Altogether, a beautiful piece of circular renovation has been carried out. The majority of the existing air-handling unit has been retained and maximum energy savings have been realised. The unit complies with current legislation and regulations, and can last for at least another 25 years.

Watch the video of this successful project here. (to follow)

If you would like to know more about circular renovation and improving existing air-handling units, please contact Aart-Jan Mels (Renovation & Maintenance department – OC Verhulst) without obligation.

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