Calgary airport

A new terminal buidling has been opened at the international airport in Calgary, Canada (with a total area of 186.000 square metres and 24 gates)

One highlight of the new terminal is the indoor Compact Transit System (CTS), which transports passengers and their baggage throughout the entire airport. The aim is to make it easier for travellers to make their domestic and international connections without having to go through security twice.

During the expansion of Calgary Airport, OC Waterloo was approached with a challenge concerning the floor grilles. The architect requested unique floor grilles which could not be produced anywhere in the US or Canada. Based on the customer's architectural drawings, OC Waterloo drew out the grilles so that they followed the architecture of the property. The grilles were distributed in the same direction as the orientation of the windows and walls. 

OC Waterloo also ensured that openings were created in the grilles where construction parts, pipes, columns and television screens could be led through the grilles. The strength of the grilles was always taken into consideration here, ensuring that they remained safe to walk on.


As the architectural structure was to be followed at all times, none of the grilles were the same in terms of size. OC Waterloo made the decision to draw each grille separately, providing each of them with a specific tag number. The tag numbers were included on the edges of the grilles and removable inserts. This provided enormous savings in terms of assembly time for the customer. It also makes it easy to remove the grilles for cleaning and service operations in the future and for ensuring that they are put back in the right place.

The results? More than 8 km of grilles, of which not a single grille is exactly the same. This makes Calgary Airport our largest project ever for floor grilles.

The architect and investor were incredibly enthusiastic about the excellent collaboration between the customer, local agent and OC Waterloo and have commissioned OC Waterloo to deliver hundreds of metres of wall grilles with a special small blade distance of 6mm for this same project.

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