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Product storage of onions, potatoes, tubers or otherwise can be optimally arranged with OC Agri. A few case studies:

OC Agri is also active in the product storage of onions and potatoes, among other things. After the products come out of the ground they must be kept for later sale. Because the climate is changing more and more and pesticides are being used less and less, it is very important that the products can be stored quickly and properly. We have developed two machines for storage technology especially for this market: the Combi-Vent and VaccTek. These are succesfully placed in the following projects:

Sassarp Gård, Sweden

Danespo, Denmark

Mørkebjerg, Denmark

Dacomex, the Netherlands

VaccTek® is a complete machine developed for drying, heating and ventilation in the storage process. It combines ventilation, cooling, condensation drying and heating functions. The VaccTek® does not dry on the basis of cooling, but dries with condensation drying. As a result, no extra moisture is introduced during the storage of the onions from Dacomex.

  • Onion storage Dacomex 2x 660 tons of onions.
  • 2x VaccTek® 660

Stump, Switzerland

The VaccTek® is fully electric, gas consumption is avoided. This makes this unit not only cheaper in energy costs, but also more environmentally friendly.

  • Garlic storage Stump for 160 tons of garlic.
  • Delivery 1x Vacc-Tek® 160.

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