Victa Building in Hengelo, the Netherlands

Renovation office buildings: PCM Climate ceiling for a sleek-looking, healthy and energy-saving climate.

Sleek-looking building, ventilated in a healthy manner and incorporated energy-saving measures without cooling equipment

Victa Hengelo was looking for a new location as part of its expansion plans. It turned out that there was sufficient space in its existing office complex, so the company decided to rehouse internally (from the third floor to the ground floor and first floor). These two floors were completely renovated in a short period of time.

In collaboration with PCM knowledge partner Intramax, a complete metamorphosis has taken place. The space was built up from a shell and now includes C3 Comfort PCM climate ceilings. The client chose not to install any cooling equipment but to rely completely on the functionality of the PCM ceilings. With the natural temperature differences between day and night in the Netherlands, the PCM climate ceiling will work to full satisfaction.

A photo impression of the end result


Download als PDF

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