High, Higher, Highest!

How do you heat and cool a huge building?

Buildings are getting higher and higher. But do you transport air through al these floors? How do you keep temperature comfortable at all levels? Many people are amazed when seeing a huge building. The impressive structures make most people forget about a different unique aspect of high risers: the interesting fact of how to make sure all people in the building can breathe healthy air.

Yes, it is true, super-tall (office) buildings offer energy reduction opportunities for HVAC systems associated with several air conditioning zones located in higher elevations because higher altitudes offer cooler and less humid outdoor environments. Locating and rigging large equipment can be the biggest problem in high-rise buildings. For example, installing a large size chiller in place on the 30th floor is extremely difficult. But it is not impossible.

The height of a building is a serious factor that influences the quantity of uncontrolled ventilation in a building. Alternate HVAC systems like displacement ventilation and chilled beams are relevant for certain high-riser projects. Alternate HVAC systems always creep up, and many are just a re-packaging of an existing design. Interesting fact is that in Florida, building owners receive generous incentive payments from the utility companies to make ice during off-peak hours and melt the ice during on-peak hours. Who told you Phase Change Materials are not complementary for existing HVAC systems on the market?

Phase change materials are a relatively new class of materials, which are used to add thermal mass without adding weight or bulk. They may replace standard wall or ceiling board, or may be an additional layer in walls, ceilings or floors. They are relatively rare but quickly increasing in popularity as technologies improve and prices drop.

As a summary, it is clear that the design of mechanical and electrical systems for large commercial office buildings is a continually evolving art form that progressively responds to the local market’s economic and political concerns, the space utilization needs and requirements of the specific user who will occupy the building, and the geographic location within which the building is being constructed.

Orange Climate has all the tools to support builders to build workplaces or living area’s. We always say; “our solutions are ‘sky-high’ and we believe in partnership, also for unique challenges all over the world”. Because solving problems is our passion!

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