OC Air Purifier 1000

Virus Free Indoor Climate. 99.995 % filtration efficiency for surgically clean indoor air.

OC Air Purifier 1000 is designed for highly efficient air purification in residential or public premises with an area up to 100 m2. By extracting microorganisms, mould spores, allergens and even high dust concentrations from the air, the purifier delivers clinically clean air in your home or workplace.

The OC Air Purifier 100 is ideal for use in educational and healthcare institutions, restaurants, hotels and offices.

The heart of the OC Air Purifier 1000 represents a HEPA filter class H14, as it is used for rooms with the most stringent requirements regarding air cleanness, such as operation theatres. The filter efficiently captures 99.995 % of particles sized 0.1 to 0.2 µm, including microorganisms, mould spores and allergens. The air purifier thus most efficiently prevents the possibility of virus infections and significantly contributes to a safe indoor environment.

"Recent studies have indicated that viruses SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) appear in the size from 0.12 to 0.16 µm and are mostly transferred by sticking to other small liquid (aerosols) or solid particles (dust) floating in the air."

A silent plug&play unit for rapid air purification

OC Air Purifier 1000 features exceptionally low noise characteristics and blends discreetly into various interiors with its sleek design. As standard, it is available in off-white color (RAL 9010), but can be painted in any RAL color on customer‘s request.

Boost function for perfectly clean air

In case that a rapid decontamination of the room is required, a boost function can be used, where the OC Air Purifier operates on maximum fan speed and provides purification of rooms with up to 100 m2 in a short period of time. It is recommended to use the boost function when rooms are not occupied, to ensure perfectly clean air before people enter the premises. 

Maximum safety, efficient operation

The OC Air Purifier works on the principle of highest filtration effiency by sucking in the room air and extracting potentially harmful particles, which remain safely captured in the filter. In comparison with similar products on the market the unit does not use any technologies or media, which could be considered hazardous to the health of consumers.

How do I calculate the needed number of OC Air Purifier units?

In rooms with average ventilation demands and with the usual ceiling height of 2.7 m, one OC Air Purifier unit is intended to be used for 100 m2 area. In spaces with higher requirements for ventilation exchange rates one unit should be considered to purifiy air in an area of approx. 50 m2.

Designed with the user's needs in mind

The OC Air Purifier is controlled via an integrated user-friendly display with stepless fan speed control. At lower speeds, the unit can be used, while people are present in the room since it operates at a very low noise level.

We have selected top quality components, that ensure a long life period, low maintenance costs, and easy handling. The unit contains:

General technical characteristics

Special executions

For premises with high occupancy or increased hygiene requirements we can provide air purifiers with a housing, that is made entirely of stainless steel, resistant to cleaning agents. On request units with higher capacities are available.

Detailed technical data

Download the technical data and user manuals below. 

We reserve the right to make technical changes without prior notice.  

Documentation OC Air Purifier

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