C3 - Phase Change Material climate ceilings

PCM cooling ceilings, the elegant solution

PCM used as a thermal battery can be used to cool buildings. 

Cooling the indoor climate and thus heat exchange needs surface area. In most buildings the ceiling is the most easily to use "heat exchange surface area". Technically all we need are PCM, a metal ceiling and a conditioned airflow to create the ultimate "stable temperature" indoor climate. 

And know it’s your turn, you as our customer has to tell us, what do you like for your metal ceiling design, what color(s) do you prefer? Do you want squares, rectangles? it’s all about the aesthetics: what do you think is beautiful in your building? Do you wish to integrate LED, or create an internet of things smart PCM ceiling, the sky is the limit with metal PCM ceilings? And of course we also have our own standard solutions which we use very often in building. Each PCM ceiling can be different, one thing remains the same: We create an energy saving, power reducing, CO2 reducing indoor climate systems. And its easy, just watch the video below which demonstrates how to build an PCM ceiling.

Save 50% on cooling Power, 30% on cooling energy, reduce the carbon footprint,  its all easy with "Phase Change Materials" .

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