PDC - Phase Change Material Datacenter Cooler

De PDC : Phase Change Material Datacenter cooling

ICT is currently a critical factor determining the success of companies and organisations. In order to guarantee continuity, optimum conditions for housing your information and communication equipment are essential. These conditions can be created in micro datacentres or server rooms. By using PCM in cooling down datacenters 90% energy reduction can be achieved on cooling. Our focus is on smaller microdata centers, for these sites we have designed our standard 3, 6, 9,  12 KW PCM data coolers. All larger data centres > 25, 50, 200 KW can also be PCM cooled but require a custom design. OC Autarkis can help you designing your custom super energy efficient PCM cooled data centre.

Our smaller datacentre (micro datacentre) and server room PCM concepts meet the same high quality demands set by the companies that operate the world’s largest datacentres, namely maximum availability versus minimum energy consumption.

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