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We always say: ‘If nobody else can do it, we can!’

We solve problems. That is why specials are our standards. We help. We invent. We believe in our solutions. We see it as our goal to provide you with healthy, clean air. We are proud of our people who create all these beautiful air supplies for your convenience. We invite you to experience our way of thinking. Welcome at OC Waterloo.  

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A design of a Breeam 5 * + hotel asks for huge detailed elemental precision. We succeeded with that on our latest project wonderfully successful. We would like to thank the ventilation grille framing manufacturer OC Waterloo. The possibility that they offered to design 350 cm long, 15 cm high rigid grids with minimal rimmed for the guest rooms, has given the hotel a spectacular Interior aspect that is unprecedented. The grids are a real Interior element. Thank you OC Waterloo for the great cooperation.

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